The power of change -
overcoming the own boundaries

People generally do not see a reason to change the existing. The things that exist and we already are used to offer protection. We arrange ourselves with a situation and accept restrictions without questioning the true limitations that keep us from moving; without questioning our own assumptions.

The problem is, however, that change takes place – with or without us. If we close the door to it, we can at best react passively but not act constructively. Anyone who learns to approach change constructively can make a much wider use of his or her potential.

In this workshop, people get to the bottom of their own assumptions. You will realize that the limitations that keep us from change can be safely overcome. Not only will you develop your own “map of change” including concrete measures, but you will also learn to implement them in your own environment. This provides you with unexpected access to your untapped potential. You can overcome your own boundaries – for you, for your teams and the entire organization.

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